Low Vision Severely Constricted Peripheral Eyesight (LV-SCOPE) Survey

Joshua Ehrlich, MD, MPH
Noelle Carlozzi, PhD
Abby Kumagai, BS
Ryan Lange, MD
Paul Lee, MD, JD
Bob Massof, PhD
Joan Stelmack, OD
Sara Weiss, MPH
Katie Zaffke, MHSA

NIH/NEI: K23EY027848, PI: Ehrlich

While low vision rehabilitation has been shown to improve the functioning through successful accommodation, considerable opportunities remain to better understand and overcome visual disability. For example, there is little data on the effectiveness of vision rehabilitation for individuals with peripheral vision loss due to conditions like glaucoma and inherited retinal degenerations. The objective of this project is to develop and validate a survey (patient-reported outcome) measure to assess functioning and vision-related quality of life in individuals with severe peripheral vision loss. This survey will fill a critical gap by providing a person-centered measurement tool to assess vision rehabilitation outcomes in this large and growing population.

Publications and Abstracts

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Lange R, Kumagai A, Bissen K, Hedlich C, Smolinski L, Carlozzi N, Creswell J, Massof RW, Stelmack J, Lee PP, Ehrlich JR. Functioning and Vision-Related Quality of Life in Severe Peripheral Field Loss due to Retinitis Pigmentosa: A Outcome Measure Development Project. Scientific poster, ARVO, Vancouver, Canada. 2019.

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