Our Research Team

Alec Bernard

Master's Program Mentee & Student in Medicine

Alec is a medical student at the University of Michigan Medical School, currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Clinical Research. His research interests include global health and disparities, epidemiology of eye disease, policy and health education. In his free time, Alec prefers to be outside, working on a new rock climbing route, going skiing, or flying.

E-Mail: bernaral@med.umich.edu

James Green, MHA

Research Administrator, Lead

James has a master’s degree in health administration and is pursuing a PhD in health services research with particular attention to community health. His research interests include vision screening, disease prevention, and the burdens of undiagnosed and undertreated eye disease. His primary role is in the financial administration of the Kellogg Clinical Research Center and the expansion of investigator initiated clinical research. He is working with Dr. Ehrlich and the SENSE Network to create a sensory aging meta-databank.

E-Mail: greenjw@med.umich.edu

Olivia Killeen, MD

National Clinician Scholar, Research Fellow

Dr. Killeen is a research fellow in the National Clinician Scholars Program. She is interested in investigating barriers to eye care, designing interventions to strengthen the delivery of ophthalmic services, and advocating for policies that improve vision health around the world. She enjoys travel, hiking, biking, and cooking.

E-Mail: okilleen@med.umich.edu

Ajay Kolli

Assistant in Research & Student in Medicine and Public Health

Ajay Kolli is a student at the University of Michigan Medical School and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. His areas of interest include screening and prevention of vision threatening diseases, sensory aging, and the relationship between lifestyle factors and vision.

E-Mail: kolliaj@med.umich.edu

Philip Veliz, PhD

Assistant Research Professor

Dr. Veliz is an Assistant Research Professor at the School of Nursing's Applied Biostatistics Laboratory and Associate Director of the Sport, Health, and Activity Research and Policy Center. Dr. Veliz's research primarily involves examining large-scale secondary data sets. He is a co-investigator on several NIH funded projects. He and Dr. Ehrlich are working together on various projects to study the relationship between sensory and cognitive impairments and dementia.

E-Mail: ptveliz@med.umich.edu

Yunshu Zhou, MS

Statistician Senior

Yunshu graduated with a master’s degree in biostatistics and has been working in medical research since. She finds it truly rewarding to help improve health and quality of lifethrough her research. Her current research interests focus on ophthalmology and aging-related conditions. She routinely works with big data, including administrative claims and complex population-based survey data.

E-Mail: yunshuz@med.umich.edu

Grace Chung, MPH

Research Assistant

Grace is a PhD candidate in Health Services Organization and Policy. Her research interests focus on assessing the economic burden of sensory impairments and elucidating the pathways by which sensory impairments may lead to cognitive decline. She is also interested in conducting economic evaluations of interventions to improve the quality of life of visually impaired older adults.

E-Mail: sygrace@med.umich.edu