Our Research Team

Niranjani Nagarajan, MD, MPH

Research Area Specialist

Niranjani is an ophthalmologist and a public health researcher, whose main focus is on addressing systemic factors affecting global eye health. At present, she is working on a project titled "Longitudinal Study of Health and Ageing in Kenya", which is a part of the Health and Retirement Study (HRS). Her primary role is to harmonize this study with other HRS studies. During her free time, Niranjani loves to travel and explore new places and local cuisines.

E-Mail: nniranja@med.umich.edu

Yunshu Zhou, MS

Statistician Senior

Yunshu graduated with a master’s degree in biostatistics and has been working in medical research since. She finds it truly rewarding to help improve health and quality of lifethrough her research. Her current research interests focus on ophthalmology and aging-related conditions. She routinely works with big data, including administrative claims and complex population-based survey data.

E-Mail: yunshuz@med.umich.edu